Thursday, November 30, 2017 7:10 pm

The Online Marketing Gurus That Are Shaking Up The Industry


It’s a new model for how to market a business, and many people don’t quite understand it.

There’s more than a few negative comments floating around about the business model.  Some people seem vehemently against the very premise.

But Chris Evans and Taylor Welch don’t seem to mind.

“I think the biggest thing you’ve got to get through is recognizing that the more rude and mean people you have coming at you, the more relevant you are in your market – It’s not a bad sign it’s a good sign,” says Welch.

The argument is part semantics and part entrenched, last-generation thinking in an industry where cutting-edge technology is beginning to outpace traditional marketing paradigms.  Traffic and Funnels, the company Chris and Taylor founded, is poised to lead the charge into that digital space and, as such, has a fair amount of detractors.

The rift seems to focus around the word “funnels.”

“There’s a lot of guys out there selling canned solutions, terrible landing pages leading to awful email sequences that don’t help anybody, and charging an arm and a leg for them.  So people who have been around digital marketing for a long time tend to think ‘funnel’ is a buzzword for scam,” Welch says. “We don’t sell funnels.  That would never work.  What we do is teach people how to apply marketing fundamentals in a digital world.  It works because it’s done with you.  We teach people how to apply these things in their own businesses.  There are no canned solutions.”

And it appears to be having an impact.  Traffic and Funnels enjoys an actualized, vociferous, and raving group of supporters across the internet.  In their ‘Smartest Guys in Marketing’ Facebook Group, for instance, it’s not uncommon to see every other post be a testimonial of how well the system is performing in a variety of businesses.

One marketing consultant commented “My husband just did the math…. In the last 3 months I’ve earned the equivalent of my annual salary from my last job. [They were] actually telling the truth on the call when they said it would work for me.”

Another client, a small business consultant, said “7:00pm last night…I had a current client upgrade to a quarterly program at $7800! 10:30pm last night…I closed a new client at $6500 via text message! It just gets easier and easier to hit numbers like this all because I made the decision to join and do what Taylor and Chris say.”

And those were just one day’s testimonials.  They have a whole page with hundreds upon hundreds of similar stories.

The programs Traffic and Funnels have developed focus on teaching entrepreneurs to automate and scale their marketing using a combination of paid traffic from sources like Facebook and focused, goal-driven web properties to create situations where the pressure and rigor of trying to find new clients is minimized through optimal marketing and sales systems. They aim to help small business owners solve the problems of finding leads, closing those leads through effective sales processes, and ultimately scaling that success to an optimal level.

Despite being a consulting company, they offer a variety of free training, valuable downloads, and even a niche product called “Memos” that gets delivered in the mail.  Yes, the mail.  It’s a monthly recap of what’s going on in the Traffic and Funnels business, straight from the desk of the founders, and offers insights into what’s working in marketing, sales, and business, as well as lessons learned, tests and theories, business growth hacks, and more.

Despite showing no immediate signs of slowing their growth, Traffic and Funnels won’t work with just anyone.

“Some people aren’t ready for what we’re offering, and that’s OK,” says Evans. “You’ve got to be hungry.  You’ve got to be in a place where you can take a real look at yourself and your business.  Not everyone can do that.  But for those who can, we’re going to help them make a lot of money.”


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